Take a stand against displacement!

Learn your rights, how to assert them, and join the tenant rights movement.

Next Bootcamp:

Weds, April 25th
6:30 pm @ Bauhaus

2001 NW Market St

Coming up:

Weds, May 23rd
6:30 pm
@ Uptown Espresso

525 Queen Anne Ave N
Lower Queen Anne



Tenant Rights Bootcamps are a neighborhood-by-neighborhood series teaching renters how to to assert their rights, find solutions to various issues, and make change in their community.

In 2018,  Bootcamps are a partnership between Be:Seattle and the Tenants Union of Washington State.

With Tenant Rights Bootcamps, we are taking resources to the people!


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Tenant action leads to tenant rights.

Tenant Rights Bootcamps are places where tenants can get up to date on new actions and legislation that can increase our rights in Seattle. 

They are also places where tenants can make an immediate impact in the tenant rights movement.

Find a Bootcamp near you!

Are you an attorney, law student, or tenant counselor? Use your expertise as a volunteer for Tenant Rights Bootcamps! Be a source of information and empowerment for tenants across Seattle.  Can we count on you?